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Thirunavaya - The background

Thirunavaya Temple , an ancient Hindu temple, is located at Thirunavaya,12 km South of Tirur in Malappuram district of Kerala state, India. From ancient times Thirunavaya was known throughout India as a centre of excellence for Vedic teachings, with Veda Paadda Saalas (Thirunnavaya Otthanmmar Maddom) for teaching the Vedas, Sasthras, Tantric Mantras, performing of rituals and preaching under learned scholars..›››


Bharatappuzha, mentioned as 'PRATHEECHI' in Bhagavatham, which is also called Perar and Nila , is known ›››


Maamankam stands for ' Maagha - makam ' which denotes a period of 28 days from the Makam star that appears in the 'bright' phase of the moon (the fortnight when moon waxes) in the month of Maagha of Saka calendar. It occurs once in every twelve years. Whatever be its origin, the ›››

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