Festivals & Events

The main Ultsavam (Annual Festival) of this temple is for 10 days in April from the day on which the Festival Flag is hoisted, i.e., on Meda Sankramam. Meda Sankramam is the day on which the Sun moves North and reaches Medam Rasi. There will be all sorts of traditional festival rituals. There will be ceremonial parades with the Idol placed on sacred ornamented seat on elephants with Nettipattam', colourful ceremonial parasols decorated with silver beads, golden spangles, etc and accompanied by renowned artists playing traditional percussion and wind instruments. 

There will also be stage performances of religious theatrical arts and other traditional performing arts. The streets and houses will be decorated with hangings of woven tender coconut leaves. Thousands of worshippers and devotees from far and wide, men and women folk with relatives, irrespective of age, come in neat and colourful costumes, with ornaments and flowers and bring offerings making the festival days unforgettable.

Other Hindu religious festivals like the Ekadasi (eleventh day of the fortnight in which the moon waxes) in the Malayalam month Kumbha (Aquarius), known as Navamukunda Ekadasi, Ashtami Rohini (the birthday of Lord Krishna), Navarathri and all other Vaishnava (related to Vishnu) festivals are celebrated in this temple and attract thousands of devotees.

The vazhipadus (offerings) special to this temple during festivals are Paalpayasam (traditional Kerala rice kheer or dessert of rice cooked in milk), Neyvilakku (lighting of the lamps around the temple using ghee) and Thamaramaala (garland of Lotus flowers).
Each and every person arriving at the temple during the entire year, is provided with free meals which is known as 'Prasada Oottu' or 'Annadaanam' which is one of the most important Vazhipadu.


Thirunavaya Nava Mukunda Temple - Events
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