Gallery - Virtual Tour

VIRTUAL TOUR takes you around a location as if you are physically present there and moving around. You can go close to whatever elements and specific materials that may interest you or catch your attention. You can move in any direction inside the picture and look at any element from a close range.

Main Gate
Sathram Reception
Ayyappa Temple
Temple Front View
Temple Left View
River View
Pazhukka Mandapam Ground View
Pazhukka Mandapam Top View
Chuttambalam Front View
Chuttambalam West Corner Left
Chuttambalam Back View
Chuttambalam West Corner Right
Sreekovil Front View
Sreekovil Back View
Ganapathi Temple
Sreekovil Right Corner
Mahalakshmi Temple
Temple View From River
Marunnara Path
Marunnara Entrance
Marunnara Cave
Marunnara Top View
Manikinar Top View
Changampalli Kalari