Schedule of Rituals

On ordinary days, the portals of the temple open at 5 am with the sounding of the ceremonial conch to awaken the Lord. Then the usual morning rituals begin with 'Nirmalyadarsanam' (seeing the Lord in the previous day’s attire and ornaments), 'Abhishekam' (bathing/ablutions), 'Malarnivedyam' (offering of flowers), 'Alankaram' (makeup or a theme in which the idol will appear), 'Ushapooja' (morning rituals), 'Nivedya pooja' (morning rituals with offerings), 'Seeveli' (taking the idol out of the sanctum sanctorum) and 'Navakabhishekam' (ablutions with nine pots of water) followed by 'Pantheeradipooja' (pooja done when the shadow cast by the sun is 12 footsteps long), 'Nivedyam' (offering),'Utcha pooja' and 'Utchaseeveli' (taking the idol out at noon). Then the portals will be closed at 11.30 AM .

At 5 pm the portals again open. There will be 'Deeparaadhana' (lighting of the ceremonial lamps and adoration), 'Nivedyam' (offerings), 'Aththazha pooja' (ritual at the time of supper), 'Aththazha seeveli' (taking the idol out after supper) and ' Thrippuka' (filling the sanctum sanctorum with the smoke from burning 8 holy aromatic materials after removing the costumes and ornaments from the body of the idol). At 7.30 pm the portals are closed.

On certain days, starting from the1st of Malayalam month 'Vruschikam', 'Panchgavyabhishekam' ('Panchagavyam' -five products of the cow, viz., cow dung, cow urine, cow milk, curd, and ghee) will be done up to 41 days (called as the 'Mandala Kaalam') during November-December. In addition to Panchagavyabhishekam, on the 41st day 'kalabhabhishekam',also will be done. On 'Ekaadasi' (11th day after the no-moon day in Malayalam Month Kumbham), ie.,February- March, and on the day of the consecration of the temple and during the Annual Festival days in the Malayalam month Medam (April) this Panchagavyabhishekam will be done. Besides all these, on the days of 'Udayasthamana pooja' also this Panchagavyabhishekam is conducted.